Chinese Makeup Brush Industry Overview

China has three major production areas for makeup brushes: Yiwu, Cangzhou and Guangzhou. We visit each of them and here are our observations.

Brush Set

BeauteTools would like to discuss the dynamic and evolving landscape of the makeup brush industry in China. As we all know, China plays a vital role in the global beauty market, and its makeup brush manufacturing industry is no exception. Let’s dive into the current trends and challenges shaping the industry.

Competitive pricing and market share

The Chinese makeup brush industry is known for its competitive prices, making it the first choice for many global brands. Cost-effective manufacturing process and strong supply chain help them provide high-quality brushes at a lower price. This competitive advantage has allowed China to gain a huge market share both domestically and internationally.

The production areas of Chinese makeup brushes are mainly concentrated in Yiwu, Guangzhou and Cangzhou.

Yiwu: The brushes are famous for their affordable price and variety of styles and will ensure you find the deals and options that best suit your needs.

Cangzhou: If you pursue high-end quality and innovation, Cangzhou is your best choice. Here specialize in producing brushes which are renowned for their superior quality and the research and development efforts put into their creation. It is worth mentioning that many world-renowned brands such as MAC, L’Oreal, 3CE, Hakuho-do, etc. choose to manufacture products in Cangzhou.

Guangzhou: For those who pursue the perfect balance of quality and price, brushes from Guangzhou are your best choice. Known for their compromise between quality and price, the research and development capabilities in Guangzhou are also relatively strong, ensuring that you receive brushes made with the latest innovative technology. It is worth noting that famous brands such as GIVENCHY, LOREAL, ELF, ESTEE LAUDER, ELLE, KARMART, TONY TANAKA, GLAMGLOW, COSMOD, IRISK, MAKEUPBLEND, CLARENA, BLANK CANVAS COSMETICS and MARCO BONI produce there.


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